Thank you for helping us protect our community from crime.
Having access to camera footage allows public safety personel to solve crimes faster, which in turn helps the community be a stronger and safer place to live in.

Registering your cameras is a three-step proccess:

  1. Provide information about your business OR home.
  2. Provide information about your DVR.
  3. Register all of your cameras.

If you need to come back to finish one of these forms, save what you have and log back in later.
You can update completed forms on this account by logging in at any time.


You have successfully registered your cameras with law enforcement. Thank you for helping make our community safer.
To update any of your information, click the buttons bellow.


First, please provide location information of your business or home, click the button below.

Your DVR/Recorder

Next, please provide your DVR information. To add or update your DVR information, click the button below.

Your Cameras

Lastly, please register each of your Cameras. To add or update your camera information, click the button below.

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